Craft Your Way to Expertise: A Guide to Woodworking Schools in Georgia


Woodworking is a wondrous hobby that allows enthusiasts to build creations with their hands, imagination, and a few simple tools. You can create anything from a simple wooden box to a beautiful piece of furniture that can last for generations. If you’re interested in mastering this art, there’s no better place in the world than Georgia. The state is home to some of the finest woodworking schools in the country, and each are unique in their own way. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best woodworking schools in Georgia, and why you should choose them to start building your craft.

1. Georgia School of Woodworking

woodworking schools in georgia

The Georgia School of Woodworking is a one of kind woodworking school and artisan space located in the heart of Atlanta. They offer a wide range of courses that cater to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced craftsmen. The school is notable for their supportive and friendly learning environment, which ensures every student fully understands the techniques they’re being taught.

Their motto “learn to build, build to learn” is evident in the way their courses are structured. The classes usually take place in a two-day format, and focus on specific skills such as turning, carving, and furniture building. There are also more advanced courses that teach students how to make custom cabinetry, chairs, and tables. Additionally, the school offers private lessons and team building events.

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2. Chattahoochee Woodturners

woodworking schools in georgia

The Chattahoochee Woodturners is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the art of woodturning. The group consists of professional and hobbyist woodturners who help beginners get started in the craft. They offer workshops, mentorship programs, and monthly meetings where you can learn the latest techniques in the field of woodturning.

Their courses are perfect for any skill level and consist of one-on-one instruction and demonstrations. The group has a fully equipped studio where members can use their tools, and also offers monthly competitions and exhibitions where you can show off your woodworking skills.

3. The Sawhorse Workshop

woodworking schools in georgia

The Sawhorse Workshop is a community woodworking shop located in Atlanta. They offer a casual and friendly atmosphere where beginners can work alongside skilled craftsmen in a collaborative environment. Their facility has state-of-the-art equipment for both hand and power tools.

Their classes are designed to help beginners learn everything from basic joinery to advanced furniture making. They also have open workshop times where members can work on their own projects and use the facility’s tools. The Sawhorse Workshop is perfect for anyone who wants easy access to a fully equipped workshop with a supportive community.

4. Highland Woodworking

woodworking schools in georgia

Highland Woodworking is a specialty store and woodworking school located in Atlanta. The store has been around for over 40 years and offers an extensive selection of woodworking tools and supplies. They also have a large woodworking classroom where they offer courses for beginners to seasoned woodworkers.

Their courses cover a variety of topics such as joinery techniques, cabinet making, and woodworking machinery. They also offer hands-on classes where students can build a project, and classes specifically tailored to women. Highland Woodworking is perfect for anyone looking to learn all aspects of woodworking from a trusted and respected source in the industry.

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Woodworking is a craft that anyone can learn, regardless of their age or skill level. If you’re a beginner in Georgia, there are plenty of schools and organizations that can help you get started on the path to mastery. Whether you’re interested in hand tools or machinery, there are plenty of options available to you. We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect woodworking school to start your journey with. Happy crafting!

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