10 Top Woodworking Jobs in Florida for Beginners


For many who have a love for woodworking, it can be challenging to know where to start in finding a job in the field. This is why we are sharing the top 10 woodworking jobs in Florida for beginners. With this guide, you will be better equipped to locate the job you’ve been dreaming of and pursue your passion for woodworking.

woodworking jobs in florida

1. Woodworkers

The first woodworking job we recommend checking out is a woodworker. This position has a versatile range of duties, including designing and building customized wood products from scratch. This can involve everything from stairs to cabinets to furniture.

2. Furniture Finishers

Another excellent woodworking job to consider in Florida is furniture finishing. Overall, this role is all about fine-tuning a product after it has been built. This could involve sanding down surfaces, applying a stain or paint job, adding new hardware, and more. There is a lot of precision and care involved in furniture finishing, making it ideal for those who love working with their hands and paying attention to the details.

3. Cabinet Makers

If you’re looking for a job that involves designing and installing cabinets, this role is perfect for you. A cabinet maker’s primary duty is to create custom cabinets while paying close attention to their fit and function in a room. It requires a solid understanding of design, woodworking tools, and the ability to bring creative ideas to life.

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woodworking jobs cabinet makers

4. Carpenters

The role of a carpenter involves heavy involvement in building construction. This includes everything from installing crown molding to building home framing. Carpentry in Florida requires a lot of hard work, and it is an excellent job for those who love to work outdoors and learn more about building techniques.

5. Wood Machinists

Another job title to consider in woodworking is that of a wood machinist. In this role, you need to have a background in working with machine tools, such as sanders, saws, and routers. As a wood machinist, you’ll primarily work with raw wood materials, producing parts or components that will eventually make up the finished products.

6. Luthiers

For those who love working with musical instruments, the role of a luthier might be an excellent fit. Luthiers build guitars, mandolins, basses, and more. They repair and maintain these instruments, and they’re often responsible for customizing an instrument to meet a musician’s specific needs. It’s an exciting job that involves plenty of creativity and passion for music.

woodworking jobs luthiers

7. Wood Carvers

If you have excellent skills in carving out wood, becoming a wood carver could be the perfect role for you. Wood carving combines skills such as woodworkmanship, sculpture, and fine arts. It requires some tools such as gouges, knives, and mallets, and it can be a great job for those who love to show off their creativity in designing exquisite wood products.

8. Patternmakers

A pattern maker creates a pattern or outline for specific wood products, and this role requires technical and design skills. This job encompasses choosing the wood that fits each product’s purpose, painting, measuring, and cutting wood to shape while ensuring each piece has a precise fit.

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9. Woodworking Instructors

Recent trends in woodworking have led to rising popularity as a hobby or skill. Woodworking instructors are professionals and can teach beginners the basics of woodworking to move on advanced lessons. They often introduce new techniques and simple guidelines, sometimes taking classes to build things like birdhouses, toy chests, and simple chairs.

woodworking jobs instructors

10. Woodworking Store Associates

A woodworking store associate is another exciting and easy role for beginners to start. They usually work at local stores that sell supplies for woodworking, such as lumber, tools, and machinery. As a store associate, it is simple to contribute to the participants’ background and provide guidance on supplies and modules users will have to gain proficiency in the field.


Overall, the field of woodworking has so much to offer in Florida, and this list only scratches the surface. With the above woodworking jobs, beginners can get started in building their skills and expertise in this industry with exciting jobs to command, both publicly and privately. We hope that with a better understanding of the top ten woodworking jobs in Florida for beginners, you’ll be able to pursue your passion and enjoy a fulfilling career in the woodworking industry.

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