Beginner’s Guide to Woodworking in Charlottesville: Everything You Need to Know


Are you interested in woodworking but don’t know where to start? Do you live in Charlottesville or the surrounding area? You’re in luck! Woodworking is a fun and rewarding hobby that anyone can learn, and Charlottesville is home to many resources for beginners.

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Why Woodworking?

Woodworking is a fantastic hobby for several reasons. For one, it’s a great stress-reliever. There’s something therapeutic about working with your hands and creating something from scratch. It’s also a great way to save money on home décor and furniture. You can make nearly anything out of wood for a fraction of the cost of buying it pre-made. Finally, woodworking is a skill that can be passed down for generations. It’s an opportunity to create something truly special for your family and friends.

Woodworking Supplies in Charlottesville

Before you start woodworking, you’ll need some supplies. Luckily, Charlottesville has several stores that sell woodworking materials. Here are a few of the best:

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Rockler is a great store for beginners and experienced woodworkers alike. They offer a wide variety of tools and supplies, and their staff is always willing to offer advice and guidance. They also offer woodworking classes for all skill levels.

rockler woodworking


Michaels is a craft store that you may not associate with woodworking, but they actually offer a decent selection of supplies. You can find wood blanks for carving, wood glue, and other essentials here.

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The Habitat Store

The Habitat Store is a thrift store that sells new and used building materials. You never know what kind of wood you’ll find here, but it’s always at a great price. Keep an eye out for interesting scraps and odds and ends that you can use for your projects.

habitat store

Woodworking Classes in Charlottesville

If you’re new to woodworking, taking a class is a great way to learn the basics. Here are a few places in Charlottesville where you can take woodworking classes:

Charlottesville Woodworking School

Charlottesville Woodworking School offers classes for all skill levels. Their beginner class will teach you the basics of hand tools and joinery, and you’ll leave with a finished project that you can be proud of.

charlottesville woodworking school

Piedmont Virginia Community College

Piedmont Virginia Community College offers a woodworking class as part of their continuing education program. The class covers the fundamentals of woodworking and is perfect for beginners.


Woodcraft of Charlottesville

Woodcraft offers classes for all skill levels, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned pro. Their classes range from basic woodworking to more specialized topics like woodturning and hand carving.


Woodworking Projects for Beginners

Now that you have some supplies and an idea of where to take classes, it’s time to start your first woodworking project! Here are a few simple woodworking projects that are great for beginners:

Cutting Board

Making a cutting board is a great first project because it’s easy and useful. You’ll need a piece of hardwood that’s at least 12 inches by 16 inches and about 1 1/2 inches thick. Cut and glue the wood together and sand it down until it’s smooth. Finally, cover it with food-grade mineral oil to protect the wood.

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cutting board


Making a birdhouse is a fun and rewarding project for kids and adults alike. You’ll need some wood, nails, screws, and a few basic tools. Follow a simple plan or come up with your own design. Hang your finished birdhouse outside and wait for feathered friends to move in!



Making coasters is a great way to use up scraps of wood that you might have lying around. Cut the wood into squares and sand them down. Then, finish them with a coat of polyurethane or another protective finish. These homemade coasters make great gifts or additions to your own home décor.



Woodworking is a fun and rewarding hobby that anyone can learn. Whether you’re interested in making furniture, home décor, or simple projects, Charlottesville has everything you need to get started. From supplies to classes, this city has it all. With a bit of practice and patience, you’ll be crafting beautiful projects in no time. Happy woodworking!

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