The Shocking Reasons Behind the Cancellation of Milwaukee Woodworking Show


The Milwaukee woodworking show is a popular annual event that attracts thousands of woodworking enthusiasts from across the United States. However, in recent years, the event has been unexpectedly cancelled, leaving many people wondering why. In this post, we will dive into the reasons behind the cancellation, and what it means for the future of the show.


The Milwaukee woodworking show has been a staple event in the woodworking community for over a decade. The show features exhibits from top woodworking companies, workshops, and presentations from skilled woodworkers. However, in 2019, the event was cancelled without any explanation. Fans of the show were left disappointed and confused, and many wondered if the show would return.

The Real Reason Behind the Cancellation

According to sources close to the event organizers, the main reason behind the cancellation was the lack of attendance. Although the Milwaukee woodworking show was once a packed event, in recent years, the attendance numbers have been dwindling. This is due primarily to the rise of online resources, such as YouTube tutorials and online woodworking communities. Many people now opt to learn and interact with the woodworking community online, rather than attending in-person events.

Another factor that contributed to the cancellation was the cost of organizing the event. Organizing a large event like the Milwaukee woodworking show requires a significant investment of time, money, and resources. With attendance numbers decreasing, the event organizers found it increasingly difficult to justify the cost of running the show.

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What This Means for the Future of the Show

Unfortunately, the future of the Milwaukee woodworking show is uncertain. The event organizers have not announced any plans to revive the event, and many believe that it will not return. The rise of online resources has fundamentally changed the way that people learn and interact with the woodworking community, and in-person events like the Milwaukee woodworking show may become a thing of the past.


The cancellation of the Milwaukee woodworking show was a shock to the woodworking community. However, the reasons behind the cancellation are clear. With attendance numbers decreasing and the cost of organizing the event increasing, the Milwaukee woodworking show simply became unsustainable. While it is uncertain whether the event will return, woodworking enthusiasts can still find a wealth of resources online to help them learn and connect with the woodworking community.

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