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Unleash Your Creativity: Join Rowden Atelier Woodworking School

Have you ever found yourself captivated by the beauty of a finely crafted wooden piece of furniture or decoration? Do you have an urge to create something similar with your own hands but don’t know where to start? Look no further than Rowden Atelier Woodworking School, a haven for anyone who wants to learn the art of woodworking.

 rowden atelier woodworking school

About Rowden Atelier Woodworking School

Rowden Atelier Woodworking School is located in Devon, England, and has been teaching the art of woodworking to enthusiasts all around the world. Founded by David Savage, who is one of the best-known names in bespoke furniture making, Rowden Atelier is known for its focus on traditional techniques and attention to detail.

At Rowden Atelier, there are courses for everyone, regardless of their skill level. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience in woodworking, there is a course that suits your needs.

What You Can Expect from Rowden Atelier Woodworking School

Innovative and Engaging Teaching Methods

Learning woodworking is not just about being taught a technique or process; it is about understanding the principles and philosophy behind it. At Rowden Atelier, the experienced and knowledgeable tutors have developed innovative teaching methods that not only make learning fun but also help students understand the concepts and theory behind each process.

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Hands-on Learning

At Rowden Atelier Woodworking School, students are encouraged to take a hands-on approach to learning. From day one, they are taught how to use tools and equipment, how to handle materials, and how to create their own woodworking projects. The tutors are always available to provide assistance and guidance, making sure that students get the most out of their learning experience.

Individual Attention

One of the biggest benefits of learning at Rowden Atelier is the individual attention that each student receives. The small class sizes ensure that each student gets personalized attention from the tutors, allowing them to progress at their own pace and receive expert feedback on their work.

Courses Offered at Rowden Atelier Woodworking School

Rowden Atelier offers a range of courses that cater to everyone, from complete beginners to experienced woodworkers looking to hone their skills. Here are some of the courses offered:

Introduction to Fine Woodworking

This is the perfect course for those who are new to woodworking or have limited experience. The course covers the basics of woodworking, including using hand tools, power tools, and machinery, as well as joints, finishes, and project planning. By the end of the course, students will have completed their own project and gained confidence in their abilities.

Weekend Workshops

For those who cannot commit to a full-time course, Rowden Atelier offers weekend workshops that cover specific topics such as box making, veneering, or carving. These workshops are ideal for those who want to learn a new skill or technique in a short period.

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Bespoke Courses

If you have a specific project in mind, or if you want to focus on a particular aspect of woodworking, Rowden Atelier offers tailor-made courses that can be customized to your needs. These bespoke courses are perfect for those who want one-on-one attention from the tutors or have a particular woodworking project in mind.

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Why Rowden Atelier Woodworking School Is the Best Choice

If you are looking for a woodworking school that offers quality teaching and individual attention, then Rowden Atelier Woodworking School is the perfect choice for you. Here are some reasons why:

Experienced and Knowledgeable Tutors

The tutors at Rowden Atelier have years of woodworking experience and are passionate about teaching the art of woodworking. They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that they are eager to share with their students, making the learning experience informative and engaging.

Traditional Techniques and Philosophy

Rowden Atelier is known for its focus on traditional techniques and attention to detail. The school emphasizes the importance of understanding the philosophy and principles behind every process, making sure that students not only learn how to make something but also understand the reasons behind it.

Excellent Facilities and Equipment

Rowden Atelier has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that are perfect for learning woodworking. The school has everything you need, from hand tools to machinery, to create your own woodworking projects. The spacious workshop and friendly environment make the learning experience enjoyable and inspiring.


Rowden Atelier Woodworking School is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn the art of woodworking. The school offers quality teaching, individual attention, and a range of courses that cater to everyone, regardless of their skill level. If you want to unleash your creativity and learn how to create beautiful wooden pieces, then join Rowden Atelier Woodworking School today!

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