Beginner’s Guide to Precision Woodworking Square in the UK


If you are new to woodworking and looking for a versatile tool to help you achieve precision and accuracy in your projects, then a precision woodworking square is an essential tool to have in your workshop. In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about precision woodworking squares in the UK, including their features, benefits, and how to use them.

What is a Precision Woodworking Square?

A precision woodworking square is a tool used to ensure that your woodworking projects are precise and accurate. The tool consists of two parts: a long blade, often made of stainless steel, and a handle that is used to position the blade at a specific angle.

The blade of a woodworking square is marked with measurements and angles, making it easy to accurately measure and cut your materials. They are most commonly used for checking 90-degree angles and squareness, but can also be used for angles less than 90 degrees.

Why Use a Precision Woodworking Square?

Using a precision woodworking square in your projects has several benefits, including:

  • Accuracy: A woodworking square allows you to create precise and accurate cuts.
  • Efficiency: By ensuring the angles are correct, you’ll save time and reduce the amount of waste material.
  • Versatility: Precision woodworking squares can be used on a wide range of projects, from cabinetry to furniture making.
  • Cost-Effective: A woodworking square is an affordable tool that will last you a lifetime.
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Features to Consider when Buying a Precision Woodworking Square

When buying a precision woodworking square, there are several features to consider. These include:

  • Blade Material: Look for a blade made of high-quality stainless steel, as it will be more durable and resist rust better than other materials.
  • Blade Length: Consider the length of the blade you need for your woodworking projects. Longer blades are best for larger projects, while shorter blades are ideal for smaller projects.
  • Overall Size: The overall size of the square should be comfortable for you to hold and work with.
  • Accuracy: Look for a woodworking square that has accurate markings and lines on the blade.
  • Price: Precision woodworking squares are available at various price points. Look for one that offers good value for money and suits your budget.

How to Use a Precision Woodworking Square

Using a precision woodworking square is relatively easy, but it requires some practice to master. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Select the type of cut you need to make.
  • Place the blade of the woodworking square on the edge of the material you want to cut.
  • Make sure the blade is flush with the material’s edge and secure it in place with a clamp if necessary.
  • Use a pencil to mark the cut line on the material, using the blade of the square as a straight edge.
  • Carefully cut the material along the marked line, using a saw or other cutting tool.

Top Precision Woodworking Squares to Consider in the UK

If you’re in the market for a precision woodworking square, here are some top options to consider in the UK:

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precision woodworking square uk

1. Axminster Trade-ATFMS 300 Precision Mitre Square

This precision mitre square from Axminster is perfect for precision angle measuring and marking, thanks to its dual-scale design with graduations of 0.5mm and 1mm. Its hardened stainless steel blade ensures accuracy and durability, while the solid brass locking mechanism keeps the blade firmly in place. The compact size of this square makes it perfect for small to medium-sized projects.

axminster trade atfms

2. Starrett 505A-12 ProSite Protractor

The Starrett 505A-12 ProSite Protractor is a perfect choice for measuring and transferring angles, particularly for miter cuts. This square is made from high-quality materials and is incredibly durable, ensuring that it will last for many woodworking projects. The square’s handle provides a comfortable grip and allows you to position the blade at any angle you require.

starrett a prosite

3. Stanley 46-053 Premium Adjustable Quick Square

The Stanley 46-053 Premium Adjustable Quick Square is an excellent tool for those looking for a versatile and affordable woodworking square. The square’s adjustable design ensures you can measure and mark any angle you need, making it perfect for a range of woodworking projects. The square also features a precision-machined base and etched scales, making it easy to read and use.



A precision woodworking square is an essential tool in any woodworker’s toolkit. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodworker, this versatile tool can help you achieve accurate and precise cuts in your projects. When shopping for a woodworking square, consider the features mentioned in this post and choose one that suits your needs and budget.

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