Exploring the World of Green Woodworking with Mike Abbott

Discovering the Charm of Green Woodworking with Mike Abbott

Mike Abbott Green Woodworking

Woodworking is an art and a craft that has been around for centuries. With modern tools and techniques, the possibilities are endless. However, there is an interesting subcategory of woodworking that is gaining popularity these days – green woodworking. And, one of the most notable experts in this field is Mike Abbott. In this blog post, we will delve deep into the world of green woodworking with Mike Abbott and see what it has to offer for beginners.

Who is Mike Abbott?

Mike Abbott is a craftsman, author, and teacher who has been practicing green woodworking for over four decades. He has authored several books and guides on the subject and is known to be an expert in carving greenwood on a pole lathe. His work has been displayed in various galleries and exhibitions, and he is also a regular contributor to woodworking magazines.

Mike Abbott Pole Lathe

Mike Abbott’s passion for green woodworking started when he was a student of agricultural engineering at Oxford. In his spare time, he would practice carving bowls and spoons, which later turned into a full-time career. He has since then devoted himself to the art and craft of green woodworking and has taught several apprentices in his workshop.

What is Green Woodworking?

Green woodworking is a form of woodworking that involves working with freshly cut, unseasoned wood. It involves using traditional hand tools like froes and draw knives and a pole lathe to create objects like spoons, bowls, and furniture. The term ‘green’ refers to the moisture content of the wood, which is usually around 20% to 30% when it is freshly cut. Green woodworking is all about working with the natural properties of the wood, using its grain and characteristics to add beauty and uniqueness to the finished product.

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Green Woodworking Bowls

Green woodworking has several benefits over traditional woodworking. Since the wood is unseasoned, it is softer and easier to work with. It also allows the craftsman to work more quickly and efficiently since the wood can be shaped and carved more easily. Additionally, green woodworking is an eco-friendly way of working with wood since it does not involve kiln drying or other energy-intensive processes.

Why Green Woodworking is Perfect for Beginners

Green woodworking is an excellent choice for beginners looking to get into woodworking. It is relatively easy to master the basic techniques, and the tools required are minimal compared to traditional woodworking. The basic tools required for green woodworking are a froe, a drawknife, and a pole lathe. These tools are relatively inexpensive and can be easily found at any woodworking store.

Green Woodworking Tools

Another advantage of green woodworking for beginners is that it is a slower form of woodworking that allows the craftsman to feel more connected to the wood. Since the wood is worked by hand, it allows the craftsman to feel the grain and characteristics of the wood, which can enhance the overall creative process. Additionally, green woodworking is a low-risk way for beginners to experiment with different techniques and designs, without the pressure of making significant financial investments in tools or materials.

Final Thoughts

Green woodworking is a beautiful and rewarding way to work with wood. With Mike Abbott’s expertise and guidance, beginners can learn everything they need to know to get started. From selecting the right wood to mastering basic techniques, green woodworking has something to offer for everyone. So, if you’re a beginner woodworking enthusiast looking for a new challenge, give green woodworking a try!

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