47 Woodworking Plans to Kickstart Your Hobby: A Review of Makers Mob


makers mob woodworking plans

Do you have a passion for woodworking but don’t know where to get started? Maybe you’ve been interested in the hobby for some time now, but the complexity of planning and execution leaves you at a loss. Look no further than Makers Mob, your new go-to for beginner woodworking plans.

What is Makers Mob?

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Makers Mob is an online subscription service providing comprehensive woodworking plans to beginners and veterans alike. They offer a unique approach by providing plans created by expert woodworking artists and craftsmen.

All plans are designed with beginner-friendly terminology and detailed instructions. Makers Mob offers a simple-to-follow step-by-step guide with complete material lists, tool requirements, and full-color diagrams. The plans cater to different woodworking levels, allowing beginners to explore their passions and perfect their skills.

Why Choose Makers Mob?

Makers Mob provides a chance for beginners to start their woodworking hobby without the confusion of uncertain plans or the unnecessary expenses related to expensive alternatives. Their expert team ensures beginner-friendliness, comprehensiveness, and workability in all their plans.

Makers Mob’s plans come with detailed instructions and expert advice to help beginners understand the basics of woodworking and to build their confidence. Each plan offers a complete list of materials and tools required to successfully complete the project, with options for manual or power tools depending on your skill level and expertise.

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What makes Makers Mob different from other similar woodworking platforms is the consistency in quality and simplicity of their plans. They focus on providing beginners with essential techniques and foundational skills to advance their woodworking aspirations.

47 Woodworking Plans Available at Makers Mob

The best thing about Makers Mob— you get access to 47 comprehensive woodworking plans designed for beginners with various skill levels ranging from easy to a bit more challenging. Here’s a review of some of their top plans.

1. Concrete Fire Pit

makers mob concrete fire pit

This plan is perfect for those who want to create a unique and minimalistic outdoor experience. The Concrete Fire Pit combines modern and industrial elements, making it an ideal centerpiece for your backyard gatherings.

It includes a guide on how to mix your concrete and water for the perfect consistency, and ways to improve the durability of your finished product. Perfect for beginners who want to get their hands dirty with concrete and woodworking.

2. Sawhorse Workbench

makers mob sawhorse workbench

For a beginner who wants to build their newfound skills while accomplishing a project they can use daily, the Sawhorse Workbench could be an excellent first project.

This plan is specifically designed to build with ease, cost-effectiveness, and stability in mind. It comes with all the materials needed to make the perfect sawhorse workstation tailored to your requirements. From assembling the sawhorse legs to drilling the perfect spacing, this plan covers it all.

3. Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame

makers mob bedframe

If you’re looking for the perfect woodworking plan for your bedroom, the Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame would be an excellent contender.

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With its sleek and simple design, this plan comes with a full-scale blueprint, a detailed exploded view, and material and tool lists. This plan will take your woodworking skills up a notch while creating your perfect bed space.


In conclusion, Makers Mob is one of the leading choices for beginners looking to start their woodworking career. The platform provides comprehensive and well-explained plans that cover various skill levels.

With the option of getting access to all 47 plans at a reasonable price, it’s a fantastic opportunity for beginners to jump-start their skill-building journey. Along with a community of like-minded individuals with the same interests as you, you never know where this hobby could take you.

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