10 Best Home-Based Woodworking Jobs for Beginners

Woodworking Jobs You Can Do From Home

home based woodworking jobs

Are you a beginner in woodworking and looking for ways to turn your hobby into a job? Or perhaps, you’re a seasoned woodworker who is looking for ways to make money while staying at home? Whatever your situation may be, there are several ways to turn your woodworking skills into a profitable business venture.

1. Furniture Making

furniture making

Furniture making is one of the most popular home-based woodworking jobs. You can start by creating small furniture pieces such as coffee tables, nightstands or chairs. As you develop your skills, you can move on to more complex pieces such as dressers, cabinets and even custom-made furniture pieces for clients. You can sell your products on online platforms such as Etsy, Amazon Handmade or even create your own website to showcase your work.

2. Woodworking Classes

woodworking classes

If you have extensive knowledge of woodworking, you can turn your expertise into a business venture by offering online woodworking classes. You can create tutorial videos on different woodworking techniques and sell them on platforms like Skillshare or Udemy. You can also offer one-on-one classes to students who want to learn the basics or want to improve their woodworking skills.

3. Woodworking YouTube Channel

woodworking youtube channel

Starting a woodworking YouTube channel can be a great way to showcase your skills and build a following. You can create tutorial videos, showcase your work and even connect with other woodworkers in the community. Once you have a significant following, you can monetize your channel by selling ad space or featuring sponsored products in your videos.

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4. Wooden Toy Making

wooden toy making

Wooden toy making is a great home-based woodworking job for beginners. You can create different wooden toys such as puzzles, building blocks, cars, and even baby toys. These products can be sold online or at local craft fairs. As you gain more experience, you can create custom-made toys for clients and even start your own toy-making business.

5. Woodworking Blog

woodworking blog

Starting a woodworking blog can be an excellent way to share your knowledge and connect with other woodworkers. You can write about different woodworking techniques, products, and even share tutorials. Once you have a significant following, you can monetize your blog by featuring ads, selling sponsored content, and even creating your own products to sell.

6. Woodworking Magazine

woodworking magazine

If you have advanced knowledge of woodworking, starting a woodworking magazine can be a great way to showcase your skills and knowledge. You can publish articles, tutorials, product reviews, and connect with other woodworkers in the community. Once you have a significant following, you can monetize your magazine through subscription fees and ad space.

7. Woodworking Plans

woodworking plans

If you have experience in woodworking, you can create woodworking plans for beginners. You can publish these plans on different online platforms such as Etsy or Amazon Handmade. These plans can include blueprints, step-by-step instructions, and even material lists. You can also create different woodworking bundles and sell them as a package deal.

8. Woodworking Supplies

woodworking supplies

If you have the capital, starting a supply store for woodworkers can be a profitable business venture. You can sell different woodworking tools, accessories, and even wood online. You can also connect with other woodworkers in the community and supply them with everything they need for their projects.

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9. Woodworking Restoration

woodworking restoration

If you have a talent for repairing and restoring old wooden furniture, starting a woodworking restoration business can be an excellent way to utilize your skills. You can connect with clients who have old furniture pieces that need to be restored and offer your services. You can also sell your restored products online and create your custom-made pieces for clients.

10. Woodworking DIY Kits

woodworking diy kits

Woodworking DIY kits are becoming increasingly popular amongst beginners who want to learn the basics of woodworking. You can create different kits that include all the materials and tools needed to complete a particular woodworking project. You can sell these kits on various online platforms or at local craft fairs.


Starting a home-based woodworking job can be a great way to turn your passion into a profitable business venture. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodworker, there are several ways to monetize your skills and knowledge. By starting one of these woodworking jobs, you can showcase your work, connect with other woodworkers in the community, and even earn a full-time income. So, which woodworking job will you choose to start your new venture?

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