DIY Hidden Bed Plans Woodworking Plans: Create Your Own Space-Saving Bed with Ease!


Are you looking for a space-saving solution for your bedroom? If so, then hidden bed plans woodworking plans are the perfect solution for you! With these plans, you can create your own Murphy bed or hidden bed that will allow you to save a lot of space in your room. In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about hidden bed plans woodworking plans and guide you through the process of creating your own hidden bed.

What are Hidden Bed Plans Woodworking Plans?

Hidden bed plans woodworking plans are step-by-step instructions, blueprints, and schematics that you can use to build your own hidden bed. These plans come with complete measurements, materials lists, and cutting instructions, making it easy for beginners to follow. With these plans, you can get started on creating your own custom bed without the need for expensive tools, woodworking experience, or a dedicated workspace.

Why DIY Hidden Beds Are Great Space-Saving Furniture Options

If you live in a small apartment, condo, or house, saving space is probably a priority for you. Hidden beds are a great option because they allow you to use your bedroom as both a sleeping area and a living space. This means that during the day, you can fold up your bed and use the space for other activities, such as yoga, working from home or crafts.

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Moreover, hidden beds are also extremely versatile. They can be customized to fit any decor style or room scheme. From modern to vintage, rustic to retro, there are a variety of designs and materials to choose from. Additionally, a hidden bed is a great option for hosting overnight guests, without having to dedicate an entire room to a guest bed.

How to Start Building a Hidden Bed with DIY Woodworking Plans

Follow the steps below to start building your own hidden bed with DIY woodworking plans:

Step 1: Choose Your Hidden Bed Plan

The first step to building your own hidden bed is to choose a plan. The internet offers a wealth of hidden bed plans woodworking plans, so take some time to peruse and find one that suits your needs and skills. You can even customize the plans to fit your individual needs or preferences, such as choosing a different wood finish or several storage options.

Step 2: Purchase Your Materials

After you have chosen your plan, the next step is to purchase your materials. The materials list in your plan will indicate everything you need, including wood, screws, hinges, bolts, and other mechanical components. Be sure to purchase enough materials in advance to avoid any delays in building the bed.

Step 3: Prepare Your Workspace

Before you start building, it is important to prepare your workspace. Ensure that you have enough space to work on the bed, that there is proper ventilation and that your tools are organized and safe to use. You may also want to invest in some basic woodworking tools such as a drill, saw, and sandpaper.

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Step 4: Build the Bed Frame

With the materials and workspace ready, you can now start building. Follow your plan instructions to create the bed frame, which should include cutting the wood to size, sanding and staining the wood as desired, making the necessary pockets for the bed, and attaching the hinge supports.

Step 5: Add the Mechanisms

The bed mechanisms include the gas springs and the lift and lock mechanisms. These will enable the bed to be raised and lowered safely and smoothly. Follow the plan instructions to add the mechanisms to the bed frame.

Step 6: Attach the Bed Support

The final step involves attaching the bed support to the wall or floor securely. Once in place, simply open the bed, and voila, your hidden bed is ready to use!


Building your own hidden bed with DIY woodworking plans is an economical and satisfying way to save space and create a custom furniture piece for your home. Follow the steps above and take your time to ensure that the bed is sturdy, functional and aesthetically appealing. With some patience, time, and effort, you can have a beautiful hidden bed that will last for years to come. Good luck with your building project!


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