The Ultimate Guide to Fasteners Used in Woodworking: Everything Beginners Need to Know

Fasteners Used in Woodworking

Fasteners play a crucial role in woodworking, as they are used to attach two or more pieces of material together. Choosing the correct fastener for your project can be overwhelming, as there are many types available in the market that serve different purposes. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the different types of fasteners used in woodworking, so beginners can confidently select the right fastener for their project.

Types of Fasteners Used in Woodworking

There are five main types of fasteners used in woodworking: nails, screws, dowels, bolts, and biscuits. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

1. Nails

Nails are the most common type of fastener used in woodworking. They are available in different sizes and lengths, and their heads can either be flat or round. Finishing nails are used for smaller projects, while framing nails are best for larger projects like building a framework for a shed or a house. When using nails, it’s essential to use the right size based on the thickness and type of wood you’re working with.

 nails used in woodworking

2. Screws

Screws are similar to nails in that they are used to attach wood pieces together, except they have threads that create a stronger connection. Screws are available in different sizes and lengths, and they come in flat head, round head, and pan head formats. Their threads are either coarse or fine, with coarse threads being better for softer wood and fine threads for harder wood. When using screws, make sure you pre-drill holes and use the right size screwdriver to avoid stripping the head.

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 screws used in woodworking

3. Dowels

Dowels are wooden, cylindrical rods that connect wood pieces together. They come in different sizes, and their ends can either be fluted or spiral-shaped. Dowels are useful when a seamless joint is required, as they don’t create any visible marks and provide a strong connection. When using dowels, it’s mandatory to drill holes in the wood pieces first and use a doweling jig to ensure perfect alignment.

 dowels used in woodworking

4. Bolts

Bolts are commonly used in furniture and cabinet making, where a strong connection is crucial. They consist of a threaded rod called a bolt and a nut that secures the joint together. Bolts come in different sizes and lengths, and they can be countersunk or left visible. When using bolts, it’s paramount to pre-drill holes and use washers to protect the wood from splitting.

 bolts used in woodworking

5. Biscuits

Biscuits are small, oval-shaped wooden pieces that are used to join wood pieces together. They are available in different sizes, and they fit in small slots made in the wood pieces. Biscuits are particularly useful when joining countertop surfaces, as they help align the wood pieces and strengthen the joint. When using biscuits, it’s essential to use the right size biscuit cutter and glue to avoid cracking or splitting the wood.

 biscuits used in woodworking


Choosing the right fastener for your woodworking project is crucial to its strength and durability. By understanding the different types of fasteners used in woodworking and their proper usage, you can confidently complete your project without any hiccups. With practice, choosing the right fastener will become second nature. The journey to becoming a skilled woodworker all starts with the basics.

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