Get Crafty with These 10 Blanket Box Plans Woodworking for Beginners and DIY Enthusiasts


Whether you’re a beginner in the woodworking world or a seasoned enthusiast, making a blanket box is a great project to get started with. Not only is it functional for holding your blankets, but it can also serve as a decorative piece in your home. But where do you start? With these 10 blanket box plans woodworking, you’ll have all the inspiration and guidance you need to make your very own.

1. Simple Blanket Box Plan

This simple blanket box plan is perfect for beginners who are just starting to dabble in woodworking. With only a few materials and simple instructions, you’ll have a functional and stylish blanket box in no time.

simple blanket box plan

2. Classic Blanket Box Plan

If you’re looking for a more traditional blanket box, this classic plan is the one for you. With its clean lines and elegant design, it will fit in seamlessly with any home decor style.

classic blanket box plan

3. Rustic Blanket Box Plan

For a more rustic feel, this blanket box plan will add a cozy touch to any room. Made with natural materials and a distressed finish, it’s the perfect addition to any cabin or farmhouse.

rustic blanket box plan

4. Upholstered Blanket Box Plan

Add a touch of luxury to your home with this upholstered blanket box plan. With its plush base and tufted cushion, it doubles as extra seating for your guests.

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upholstered blanket box plan

5. Pallet Blanket Box Plan

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, this pallet blanket box plan is a great way to repurpose old materials. Its rustic design will add a touch of charm to any room.

pallet blanket box plan

6. Minimalist Blanket Box Plan

For those who prefer a more modern aesthetic, this minimalist blanket box plan is the way to go. Its sleek design and clean lines will complement any contemporary home.

minimalist blanket box plan

7. Toy Chest Blanket Box Plan

If you have children or grandchildren, this blanket box plan is a two-for-one. It serves as both a toy chest and a comfortable spot to curl up with a blanket.

toy chest blanket box plan

8. Vintage Blanket Box Plan

Add a touch of nostalgia to your home with this vintage blanket box plan. Its distressed finish and antique hardware will give your room a retro vibe.

vintage blanket box plan

9. Storage Bench Blanket Box Plan

This storage bench blanket box plan is perfect for those who need extra storage space. Its hinged lid and ample storage make it a multifunctional addition to any room.

storage bench blanket box plan

10. Painted Blanket Box Plan

If you want to add a pop of color to your home, this painted blanket box plan is the way to go. With endless color options, you can customize it to match your unique taste.

painted blanket box plan


Now that you have these 10 amazing blanket box plans woodworking, it’s time to get started on your own project. Remember to always practice safety when using power tools and never be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Happy woodworking!

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