Woodworking Shows on TV: A Guide for Beginners


Woodworking is a fulfilling and rewarding hobby that can produce beautiful and practical pieces. It involves working with tools and a variety of wood to create furniture, decorative pieces, and even instruments. But as a beginner, it could be difficult to know where to start or where to find information. Thankfully, there are various woodworking shows on TV that can educate, inspire, and entertain.

Why Watch Woodworking Shows on TV?

Watching woodworking shows on TV can be beneficial for beginners in several ways. First, it can give you ideas and inspiration for your own projects. You can learn about different styles, techniques, and tools that you want to try. Second, it can teach you the basics of woodworking, such as safety practices, measuring, cutting, and sanding. Third, it can motivate you to improve your skills and challenge yourself to tackle more complex projects.

Types of Woodworking Shows

There are different types of woodworking shows on TV, ranging from instructional to entertainment. Here are some of them:

1. How-To Shows

How-to shows are focused on teaching viewers how to create specific projects, step by step. The host usually demonstrates the tools and techniques needed, as well as the materials and measurements. Some examples of how-to shows are “The Woodsmith Shop”, “Woodwright’s Shop”, and “Rough Cut with Fine Woodworking.”

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2. Competition Shows

Competition shows involve woodworkers competing against each other to create the best project within a limited amount of time. The contestants are usually given a theme or a challenge, and they have to use their creativity and skills to impress the judges. Some examples of competition shows are “The Woodshop Junkies”, “Framework”, and “Furniture Masters”.

3. Makeover Shows

Makeover shows are focused on renovating and improving spaces or pieces of furniture, usually with a specific request or need from the client. The host works with a team to come up with a design, select the materials, and execute the project. Some examples of makeover shows are “Fixer Upper”, “Trading Spaces”, and “Rehab Addict”.

Where to Find Woodworking Shows on TV

Woodworking shows on TV can be found on various channels and platforms, depending on your location and subscription. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. DIY Network

DIY Network is dedicated to home improvement and DIY projects, including woodworking. They offer several shows such as “Woodsmith Shop”, “I Want That”, “Building Off the Grid”, and “Underground BBQ Challenge.” You can watch DIY Network via cable, satellite, or streaming services like Sling TV, Philo, and FuboTV.

2. PBS

PBS is a public broadcasting service that offers educational and cultural programs, including woodworking shows. They air classic shows such as “The Woodwright’s Shop” and “This Old House”, as well as new ones like “Rough Cut with Fine Woodworking” and “Classic Woodworking.” You can watch PBS via antenna, cable, or streaming services like Kanopy and PBS Passport.

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HGTV is a home and garden channel that showcases design and renovation shows, including woodworking. They offer shows such as “Fixer Upper”, “Going Yard”, and “Restored by the Fords.” You can watch HGTV via cable, satellite, or streaming services like Hulu and AT&T TV NOW.

Tips for Watching Woodworking Shows on TV

To make the most out of your watching experience, here are some tips to follow:

1. Take Notes

Bring a notebook or a smartphone and jot down the key points, tips, and tools that the host is mentioning. This will help you remember them later when you start your own project.

2. Pause and Rewind

Don’t be afraid to pause or rewind the show if you missed a step or if you want to see a technique again. This will give you a chance to follow along and catch up without feeling rushed.

3. Ask Questions

If you have any questions while watching the show, look for answers online or ask a more experienced woodworker. You can also join online communities, such as forums and Facebook groups, to connect with other enthusiasts and share your progress.


Watching woodworking shows on TV is an enjoyable and informative way to learn about this craft. Whether you prefer instructional or entertainment shows, there are plenty of options to choose from. Don’t forget to take notes, pause and rewind, and ask questions to make the most out of your viewing experience. Soon, you’ll be inspired and confident enough to start your own woodworking projects.

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